A simple guide to buying Mykonos villas

When it comes to investments in the tourist industry, it seems that buying a villa on the Greek island of Mykonos is definitely one of the best. What makes the island stand out is the fact that it is a very popular destination for all kinds of very wealthy people who are looking for a fun vacation and some of the hottest parties in the world during the summer. Celebrities such as Mick Jagger, Madonna, the Hadid sisters and many more have been repeatedly spotted on the islands cobblestone streets. In other words, Mykonos is like a magnet for celebrities and people that dream of living like one, which is why there are so many villas there.

Villas may be the accommodation of choice when it comes to the rich and the famous, but “regular Joes” also book them. They choose to stay in villas for a couple of days in order to make their vacation truly memorable and to see what it feels like to be and live like a celebrity. They also book them in order to have a unique party or wedding reception. As you can tell, if you are looking to buy a villa in order to rent it, you will have no shortage of potential guests.

Now, since Mykonos is known to attract rich people, there is no shortage of villas, some of them are new, others have been around for some time. Which one is the best for you, though? What should you be looking out for? Let’s find out.


You know what they say about buying property “it’s all about location, location, location”!

When it comes to private Mykonos villas, you should know that most of them tend to be quite secluded, this is because they are meant for people who want to stay away from prying eyes and the paparazzi. If you intend to rent your villa mainly to celebrities, then the more secluded and private, the better. However, if you would like to rent it out for parties and such, you should pick one that is a bit out of the way, but is still close to Chora or another large town.


Most villas tend to be in a good state of repair because the people that used to live there were quite wealthy and they took care of their property. However, since a lot of Greek businessmen fell into hard times because of the crisis it’s not uncommon to find villas that are not as well maintained as others. This is because their previous owners just couldn’t afford the maintenance costs and they decided to let the new owner handle it. If you don’t want to spend time and money repairing and renovating a property – you could and should be renting the villa almost as soon as you buy it – then make sure that you are buying property that is in the best possible state.


Rich people and particularly the nouveau-riche are not known for their restraint when it comes to building houses and villas. What we are trying to say here, is that the previous owner may have made some pretty “out there” design and / or architectural choices while building his or her villa. Just try to stay away from villas that reflect the taste of their previous too much because they can be really hard to rent or flip and really expensive to renovate.


Like we said earlier, many stars own property on Mykonos. Buying neighbhoring villas can be a double edged sword: on one hand, you will get the added selling point of having a celebrity as a neighbor, on the other hand though, this same fact may drive the price up. In the end the choice is yours and it depends in your business plan and the kind of people that you intend to rent your property to.

Why you should choose Vilotel Collection for your holidays in Greece

Every year thousands want to experience the perfect vacation experience. When it comes to how much fun or relaxation one will get during his or her vacation it all comes down to two crucial aspects: the first is location and the second is accommodation. Location refers to the place where one will stay for the duration of their holidays. It goes without saying that not holiday destinations are suited to all holiday styles because some people want to just relax during their vacation, while others are all about partying and having fun. Accommodation is basically where one stays during his or her vacation. The more luxurious the place, the better the chances for a truly relaxing holiday.

The Greek islands are the best and most popular holiday destination in Europe and perhaps even the world. This is because each of the thousands of islands in the Aegean or the Ionian Sea has its own “style” or atmosphere, which means that it is better suited to certain vacation styles. There is however one thing that all islands in Greece have in common: their amazing natural beauty and their pristine beaches with crystal clear turquoise waters. All one needs to do is find the island that perfectly fits his or her vacation style, something that can be easier said than done.

There is however one more reason why hundreds of thousands of people choose to spend their holidays on the Greek islands and Greece in general: there are a lot of very luxurious villas available to rent for a truly unforgettable holiday experience. Greek villas are in fact known all over the world for their gorgeous looks and the great amounts of luxury that they offer. Finding a good property management agency is essential for choosing the best holiday villa, because a property management firm’s job boils down to finding the perfect villa for each of their clients. The Vilotel Collection agency the best property management agency in Greece which makes it the perfect choice for people looking to have a once in a lifetime holiday experience in a gorgeous and extravagantly luxurious villa in Greece. Why should you choose them though? Let’s find out!

They have very strict criteria for their properties

Most property management agencies in Greece choose to list pretty much all properties presented to them. The Vilotel collection property management agency doesn’t do that. What makes them stand out is the fact that they have list of very strict criteria that each property listed with them must fulfil. The agency’s specially trained employees will inspect each and every property before agreeing to list it, in order to ensure that the properties managed by Vilotel Collection are not just very luxurious, but they are also in perfect condition. This is because the agency’s main goal is to ensure that their clients will have the a completely stress and worry-free vacation.

They manage properties on the most beautiful Greek islands

Another thing that makes the Vilotel agency unique when it comes to property management agencies in Greece, is the fact that the properties they manage are located on the most popular and gorgeous islands in both the Aegean and the Ionian Sea. Other Greek agencies tend to list properties on just one island, but Vilotel Collection lists properties in a wide variety of islands – like Santorini, Mykonos, Crete and Corfu, to name but a few – this essentially allows the agency to not only help their clients pick the perfect holiday destination for their vacation style, but also to offer them the most luxurious and beautiful properties to rent at said destinations.

They give their clients the star treatment

The Vilotel Collection agency doesn’t just offer gorgeous properties to their clients, they also do everything in their power to make them feel like stars and jet setters. First of all, they can arrange VIP transportation to the villa from the port or airport and vice versa for all their clients, provided that they will ask for it, and this is but the start of their “star vacation” experience. They can also help their clients host parties, barbecues and other events on the villas that they will be staying at. Finally, the agency’s staff will stock the villa with everything that the client will ask for in order to enjoy his or her vacation to the fullest. This means that they will make sure that the refrigerators and pantries of the villa will be filled with everything that the client asked for. They can arrange for a professional chef to be present at the property should the client ask for one. Luxury and client satisfaction are what the Vilotel Collection property management agency is all about.

Concierge service

As you can probably tell, unlike other management agencies, Vilotel collection supports their customers even after start their vacation. This is further evidenced by the special concierge service that they offer to their clients. This service is available around the clock and the staff is always ready to help the agency’s guests with any problems and questions that they may have. The service is provided by locals that know each area in which the Vilotel agency manages properties like the back of their hands. Not only can they answer questions about the opening days and hours of certain sites and museums, but they can also book tables at exclusive restaurants and clubs. This is very important on Mykonos and Santorini, since most of the best restaurants, clubs and beach bars on those two islands are very exclusive and it can be nearly impossible to book a table during the peak holiday season.

When it comes to luxury holiday villas in Greece, Vilotel Collection is the agency to go. They have an absolute expertise when it comes to luxurious holidays and villas so, you can now probably tell why the Vilotel Collection property management agency is the ideal choice for anyone who wants to have a once in a lifetime vacation in a luxurious villa on a Greek island. Not only do they manage the most luxurious and gorgeous villas on the most beautiful islands in Greece, but they also ensure that their clients will have the vacation of a lifetime.